It is nearly impossible to see the damage from the ground, even from six feet away. It is important to have a trained specialist do a true damage assessment by conducting an insurance industry approved test.

Untreated hail damage will start to effect your roof immediately. Over time your roof will be exposed to the elements allowing the sun to compromise the roofing system, which will result in long term leaking problems.

This is a common misconception; a homeowner making an individual claim does not affect insurance premiums. If insurance premiums in the area are increased a blanket increase will affect all insured within the storm area.

Alan Weis Contracting guarantees your out of pocket expenses will be limited to your deductible. We work as preferred contractors directly with your insurance companies proceeds assuring the homeowner that the damage is assessed properly and you insurance covers the appropriate components needed to engineer your home’s exterior back to its original condition prior to the storm.

It is important to choose a company that offers a workmanship warranty, is fully licensed and insured, understands local codes, and most importantly will go the extra mile to insure your 100% satisfaction!